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In the course of the „Dirty Dozen“ Challenge, you have the option of using your result from the second session for the Ergo-Rose.

Ergo Rose (Rose vom Wörthersee):
Dirty Dozen Round 2 over 16,000 meters = the official length of the skiff regatta „Rose vom Wörthersee“. The data are accounted into the overall and individual results of the challenge. The data will be made available to the organizer of „Rose vom Wörthersee (RV Albatros – Willy Koska)“.


To be held atthe second session of the „Dirty Dozen Challenge“
KW 46 (14.11. – 20.11.2022) – 16 000 Meter (Ergo Rose)


To cover the virtual race distance of 16,000 meters as quickly as possible.


To be included in the ranking list, I need birth year, Team name and a photo of the C2 monitor. Data to be submitted till Wednesday 18:00 of the followinig week by e-mail to challenge@ister.atTrust is paramount. If there is an age jump during the competition, you are not ranked higher in the total standings. 

The ranking of individual starters is done according with the Concept2 age classification.
• U15
• U17
• Seniors: 19 – 29 years
• Masters A 30 – 39 Years
• Masters B: 40 – 49 Years
• Masters C: 50 – 59 years
• Masters D: 60 – 69 years
• Masters E: 70 – 79 years
• Masters F: 80 – 89 years

Ergo-Rose and Blue Ribbon Challenge results online and Results (as printbale PDF)