Sexy Six Challenge English


What to do now, the Indoor Championships are over, but still you can´t row outside.  It takes a challenge and that can only be the „Sexy Six“ Challenge.



After the Austrian Indoor Championships in January till the first long distance race in Passau a challenge with 6 session over 6000 Meter with some intervalls, fits perfectly, so we call it the „SEXY SIX“ Challenge.  The results are set in relation (percent) to the best mark of each session and will be added.  Whoever adds the most points is the winner.

28.01. – 10.02.2019 – Championships Revival
11.02. – 24.02.2019 – Psycho Six
25.02. – 10.03.2019 – Active Recovery
11.03. – 24.03.2019 – Race Day Fail
25.03. – 31.03.2019 – Step Up Erging
01.04. – 07.04.2019 – Final Desaster

06.04.2019  Inn River Race Passau


6 sessions at a total distance of 6000 Meter each („Sexy Six“) – and to get fit for the Inn River Race. In the end you should have collected as many points as possible.


To be included in the ranking list, I need birth year, Team name and a photo of the C2 monitor. Data to be submitted till Wednesday of the followinig week by e-mail to challenge@ister.atTrust is paramount. If there is an age jump during the competition, you are not ranked higher in the total standings. 

The ranking of individual starters is done according with the Concept2 age classification.
• pupils: 14 years
• Junior Indoor 15 – 16 Years
• Junior Indoor: 17 – 18 years
• Seniors: 19 – 29 years
• Masters A 30 – 39 Years
• Masters B: 40 – 49 Years
• Masters C: 50 – 59 years
• Masters D: 60 – 69 years
• Masters E: 70 – 79 years
• Masters F: 80 – 89 years


The settings for the Sexy Six Challenge are also somewhat challenging. If you don’t manage to do them, take a look at the video tutorial:

„Sexy Six“ Challenge results online and Results (as printbale PDF)