Relay Race Weeks – English



A relay competition for four or eight athletes on one C2-ergometer – that has not happened yet in Austria, that’s what the Ergo-Challenge platform is for. Find your team – men, women, mixed – and off you go.


In a relay competition, four (4) or eight (8) athletes on a single ergometer try to cover a given distance or given time as fast as possible.  Eligible to start are men, women and mixed teams of all classes. The average age of the team counts. Half of a mixed team must be women and men. Multiple starts of individual athletes in different teams is possible. The female participants of the mixed team must cover at least one third of the required distance or time.  During the whole challenge the teammembers can be changed up to 50% maximum.  Nobody else can help the team except the team members. A team captain to be designated, who can also be a participant, is responsible for complying with the rules.  As with all Challenge applications, trust is paramount. All competitions will be held exclusively on ergs Concept2 (Model B-E).

Each period is calculated from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 24:00.

1. Session: 08.11. – 21.11.2021 // 10 000 Meter

2. Session: 39.11 – 12.12.2021 // 10 000 Meter

3. Session: 10.01. – 23.01.2022 // 10 000 Meter

29.01.2022 ==> Austrian Indoor Rowing Championships


In a team competition looking for a new challenge on the ergometer.


To be included in the ranking, I need names of team members and birth year, team name, and a photo of the monitor. Transmission of data by e-mail at the latest Wednesday 18:00 clock after each pass to You can also use internal lists. Trust is in the paramount.

The ranking of individual starters is done according with the Concept2 age classification.
• pupils: 14 years
• Juniors: 15 – 18 Years
• Seniors: 19 – 29 years
• Masters A 30 – 39 Years
• Masters B: 40 – 49 Years
• Masters C: 50 – 59 years
• Masters D: 60 – 69 years
• Masters E: 70 – 79 years
• Masters F: 80 – 89 years

Relay Race Weeks results online and Results (as printbale PDF)